Technology trends in the coming decade will not be dictated by Internet of Things (IoT) but by 'Intelligence of Things' with artificial intelligence  (AI) underscoring every facet of commerce and culture, says Consumer Technology Association that represents more than 2,200 US consumer technology companies.

The tech influence in human behaviour will move forward in the decade, especially with the connectivity agenda getting a massive bump up with 5G, which is being rolled out for over 50 networks worldwide, CTA said ahead of its marque event, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020.

Content streaming wars, electrification of vehicles along with popularity of in-vehicle technologies, and emergence of digital health with the launch of several fitness apps and devices are among some other major trends the CTA researchers expect in the 2020s.

“The last decade was about the Internet of Things – but now, we kick off a new decade defined by the Intelligence of Things,” said Steve Koenig, vice-president of market research at CTA. “Connected intelligence defines today’s device ecosystem from consumer favourites such as smartphones and TVs to an expanding universe of smart home solutions, making intelligent living spaces a reality. Over the next 10 years, the dynamic of connected intelligence will grow apace with advancing 5G networks and innovative applications of AI to propel the consumer tech industry forward — and with it, consumer experiences, safety, health and more.”

CTA said 5G will be led by the enterprise segment with deployment of massive IoT in areas such as smart building, logistics, tracking and fleet management, smart agriculture and smart metering. AI is also likely to be consumerised through machine learning, end devices such as TVs, services and emerging technologies.

New entries in on-demand streaming services are likely to spur growth potential. The coming years, including 2020, will see media wars becoming serious with the return of established media players with offerings such as Apple TV plus, Disney Plus, HBO Max and Peacock from NBC, CTA officials said.

Cloud-based gaming is another upcoming area with companies such as Google launching their ventures in this space. The year will also see digital health becoming a way of life with evolution of sleep tech health, wellness and fitness, along with baby tech that promises to make parenting and infant care easier.