We are an architectural Lighting design service providing company. Our team consists of a group of architecture, electrical engineering and lighting specialists. Our good technical experience provides for flexible lighting design solutions that are tailored for your projects.


We see light as an essential design element that should be woven into the architectural fabric rather than imposed on it.


We believe that a good lighting outcome comes from a solid concept. Therefore, we accompany you from the first phases of the design process. This allows light planning to work hand-in-hand with the designer’s intentions.


Our team has also a wide library of Lighting brands and strong connections to suppliers.


Light planning is a process through which architecture is seen and made experiential for the user.

It involves weaving a layer into the space that provokes feelings, provides information and orchestrates the mood of the space. Whether the play with natural sun rays, or the purposeful positioning and distribution of artificial light, the main focus of light planning is how the user feels in its presence.


Whether the play with Light and shadow,
or the purposeful orchestration of Light, we focus on how the user feels in its presence.





What we see is the outcome of interactions of light with different
textures. Our light planning process is keen on the manipulation of light and the surrounding surface material.
We create different light compositions that yield to different scenes and various experiences in the same space. Light planning is not just the mere placement of light fittings, but the conscious decision to shed light onto some surfaces and leave other untouched.


Amman Lighting

Amman Lighting Academy created a community of members of different professions to whom light planning is relevant. The academy offers lectures and workshops that exchange knowledge about lighting and its relation to our context.

This space discusses the value of light planning as a process and a product that enhances our well-being.

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