Light planning is a process through which architecture is seen and made experiential for the user. It involves weaving a layer into the space that provokes feelings, provides information and orchestrates the mood of the space. Whether the play with natural sun rays, or the purposeful positioning and distribution of artificial light, the main focus of light planning is how the user feels in its presence. Accompanying the Architect/Main Designer from the first phases of the design process, allows lighting planning to work with the designer’s architectrual concept rather than oppose it. 


We want to make sure we are speaking the designer’s language throughtout the whole light planning process, from the concept phase all through to the installation and post occupancy stage. To bring the concept to life, we work to develop it technically as well as conceptually. We submit concept images, mock-up installations, development plans with specification legends, caluculation reports, detailed sections, and a thorough technical submittal for lighting.

Planning light from scratch. From concept or sketch, all the way to the final realization, the process is collaborative to ensure that lighting is aligned with your vision.

Developing the concept to into technical drawings and testing it in its context, making sure the concept can be realized both technically and esthetically.

The exciting process through which we see how light transforms the space around it.

Our light lab is a walk-through experience of live interaction with light and its different effects. Contact us to book a tour to take you through the journey of light.

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